Photo: Kvipt Gjestegard

From Vrådal go south along lake Nisser, Telemark’s largest lake. There are two routes to choose from, either on the east side on the main road though the village Nissedal, or take the cable ferry to the west side and follow a narrow road along beautiful beaches. Both alternatives end up in Treungen.

In Treungen you can visit
Z-museum with car, motorcycles, mopeds and a collection of Persian rugs, old toys and clothes, among other things.
In Treungen you will also find Pipo Playground, which is a play center for children.

From Treungen continue on to Tjønnefoss, and from there towards Fyresdal over Våmur (670 meter above sea level). This route offer panoramic views of lake Fyresvatn and the Setesdal mountains. Follow Fyresvatn to the centre of Fyresdal sentrum, also called Folkestadbyen.

In Folkestadbyen you will find tourist information, shops and cafees, and a rural museum with traditional buildings and a collection of old artefacts.

If time permits, we recommend taking a detour to Kvipt Gjestegard. A 40 minute drive takes you to this beautiful mountain farm. Here you will find a pottery production, old Norwegian store houses on pillars, Telemark cows and a cafe with homemade traditional food.

Back in Fyresdal you continue on through beautiful villages, past lake Skrevatn with is bare rock-faces and to Vråliosen. From there follow lake Vråvatn back to Vrådal.

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Photo: Vest-Telemark Museum