From Vrådal you can experience the fjords in Hardanger by taking a day trip.

From Vrådal drive to Brunkeberg and continue west, past “The cradle of modern skiing” Morgedal to Åmot in Vinje.

As you continue through Vinje, we recommend a stop at Mjonøy, where you can buy freshly baked bread and rolls, applied art and look at the art exhibition.

Further west you reach the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda national park. Here you will also find Haukeliseter, which is open year round and offering accomodation and food for travellers. Haukeliseter at 1000 meters above sea level is a good starting point for hikes on Hardangervidda.

The road continues through several tunnels and after a steep descent, you will reach the village of Røldal. This is a scenic village with a stave church from the 12th century. Continue on the main road through tunnels, or try the old road over Seljestadjuvet (open in the summer).

On your way to Odda you will pass the waterfalls at Låtefoss, and we recommend a stop here. The waterfalls are 165 meters high. Continue a few kilometeres to the industrial town of Odda, the gate to Hardanger. The road to Odda offers scenic waterfalls and panoramic views of Folgefonna, Norway’s largest glacier.

In Odda you will find restaurants and shops, or you can go to Tyssedal and visit the old hydroelectric power plant there. You can also continue on along the fjord to Ullensvang.

Take the same road back to Åmot. From there you can take an alternative route via Dalen and Vråliosen back to Vrådal.

Map and directions

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