Photo: Kåre Pedersen

Experience Telemark from Vrådal
With its central location in the beautiful nature of Telemark, Vrådal is a great starting point  for exploring what the area has to offer.

If only I could go to Telemark…

Summer, sun, water. Foaming rivers and quiet lakes. Coast and mountains. Blues and folk music. That is Telemark!

Freedom of choice
A swarm of happy holiday makers or the quietness of the forest. The choice is yours. Telemark is an adventure of opportunities.

With a pleasant climate, varied and magnificent nature, a rich cultural heritage and a multitude of activities, Telemark has been a holiday destination for more than a century.

See what you can experience when you choose to spend your vacation with us.

At Visit Telemark you can read more about Telemark.

Eidsborg stave church
Høyt og lavt in Bø