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General terms and conditions for rental products

By rental products we mean our boats, bikes, canoes etc.

1. order and confirmation
1.1 The number of persons, total price and additional products/services to be provided by the hotel will be stated
in the confirmation.
Any changes in the number of persons must be notified to the hotel before check-in.
1.2 The guest is responsible for checking that the details on the booking are correct, and inform
the hotel as soon as possible after booking if there are errors / omissions in the confirmation.

2. Confirmed price
Confirmed price is valid for both parties.

3. Changes and cancellations
3.1 Changes / cancellation must be made no later than 14:00 the day before arrival to be entitled to a refund of the amount paid.
3.2 No Show / When the guest does not show up
If the guest does not show up, or has not canceled the stay within the deadline, the hotel
will require payment for the rental period.

4. Payment
For online reservations, payment is made at the time of booking.
If the booking is made over the counter, by phone or e-mail, the rental product is paid for upon collection.

5. Check-in and check-out times
Booked services are delivered from the time they are reserved and checked in no later than the time they are reserved for.

6. Liability for breakage/damage to hotel property.
The guest, or the person guaranteeing the stay, is responsible for any breakage /
damage it causes to the hotel's property and will be charged for this. The amount varies depending on the damage.
From NOK 1500.

7. Special requirements and orders for rental products.
7.1 For rental of rowing boats, canoes, pedal boats, SUPs and other recreational boats under 8 meters, there is a legal requirement to wear suitable flotation devices while sailing.
Suitable flotation devices can be brought or rented from us.
7.2 For rental of kayaks, a wetsuit or equivalent level of experience is also required.
7.3 When renting a golf cart, the renter must be at least 18 years old and be sober while using the vehicle.

8. Personal data and GDPR
8.1 In connection with the guest's booking, made by the guest themselves or by others on their behalf
them, we process and store the personal data we need to fulfill the agreement
of the booking and purchase of services. This is information that the guest has provided to the hotel, either directly or via
agent/travel agent or other third party.

8.2 The hotel will not disclose this information to third parties, unless the guest
has consented to this. Exceptions to this are if applicable legislation (Personal Data Act /
GDPR) and/or if the authorities allow or require the hotel to release this
information to them.

8.3 The use of a data processor to process guests' data on our behalf is
not considered disclosure.

8.4 To ensure that we have correct information about the guest, we may check the guest's
information against sources such as the national register, telephone directory and similar.