Ever since 1864, our hotel has provided well-being and good service with the guest in the center. 

General terms and conditions for individual travelers

1.Order and confirmation
1.1 The number of people, total price and additional products / services to be provided by the hotel will be stated
in the confirmation.
Any changes in the number of people must be notified to the hotel prior to check-in.
1.2 The guest is responsible for checking that the details of the booking are correct, and informing
the hotel as soon as possible after booking if there are errors / omissions in the confirmation.
1.3 No one under the age of 18 can either book or stay at the hotel alone. Guests under 18 must have
bring an adult companion who is responsible for them during the stay, as well as payment.

2. Confirmed price
Confirmed price is valid for both parties.

3. Changes and cancellations
There are different cancellation deadlines depending on where the guest has chosen to place their booking.
If the booking is made directly via the hotel, the rules below apply.
3.1 Changes / cancellations must be made no later than 14:00 the day before arrival.
For special events, including Dyrskun, Straandtreffet and Christmas and New Year celebrations, the change / cancellation deadline is two weeks before the event date.
3.2 No Show / When the guest does not show up
If the guest does not show up, or has not canceled the stay within the deadline, the hotel
will require payment for the first night.

Payment is due on arrival
At check-in we will take an authorization of the guest's debit card. This means that the amount for
the stay is frozen / reserved in the guest's account until check-out. The guest will be offered
receipt on departure.
4.1 Cash payment
If you wish to pay for your stay with cash, the hotel will require a card as a guarantee.
Cash payment is made on arrival.
4.2 Invoicing
All invoicing must be agreed in advance of the stay. Credit check will be done before the hotel
can confirm that an invoice can be sent. Stays under NOK 5,000 will not be invoiced.
NB! Straand Hotel does not send invoices to private individuals.
4.3 Approved card types
American Express, Master Card, Euro Card, Visa, Bank Axept are valid card types.
The hotel does not accept Diners.
The hotel also takes Vipps.
4.4 Exchange
The hotel does not exchange, neither foreign currency nor Norwegian kroner. It is not possible to take out
money in the hotel.

5. Check-in and check-out times
5.1 Booked hotel rooms are guaranteed to be ready for check-in at approx. 16.00 in high season, and approx.
at 15.00 in low season.
5.2 Check-out time is 11:00 on the day of departure.
If a late check-out is desired, this can be arranged at the reception no later than the evening before departure. Price per
room after 11:00 is NOK 100.- per extra hour.
NB! In some periods / days we unfortunately do not have the capacity for late check-out. We ask you
contact the reception if you have any questions regarding this.

6. Liability for breakages / damage to the hotel's property.
6.1 The guest, or the person who guarantees the stay, is responsible for any breakages /
damage it inflicts on the hotel property and will be charged for this. Sum varies on the damage.
From NOK 1500.-.
6.2 The guest, or the person who guarantees the stay will be charged NOK 2500.- for
incidents that lead to the need for extra washing. Ex .: Vomiting in bedding.
6.3 Straand Hotel is a smoke-free property, and guests who break this rule will be charged
1500kr. There are outdoor areas on the hotel property where smoking is allowed.

7. Animals
7.1 If you have animals, the hotel must be informed of this in advance as there are a limited number
rooms where it is possible to have animals. The supplement for animals has a fixed price of NOK 300.- per room per
stay. No animals may be in the hotel's common areas. Separate entrance to the hotel if one
have with animals.
Approved service dogs and guide dogs are of course exceptions to these rules and supplements.

7. Personal data and GDPR
7.1 In connection with the guest's booking, made by the guest himself or by others on behalf of
them, processes and stores the personal information we need to fulfill the agreement
about booking and purchasing services.
This is information the guest has provided to the hotel, either directly or via
agent / travel agent or other third party.
7.2 The hotel does not pass this information on to third parties, unless the guest himself
have agreed to this. Exceptions from this are regarding current legislation (the Personal Data Act /
GDPR) and / or if the authorities allow or require the hotel to issue it
the information to them.
7.3 The use of a data processor to process guests' information on our behalf is considered
not as extradition.
7.4 To be sure that we have correct information about the guest, we can check the guest's
information provided to sources such as the population register, telephone directory and the like.