telemark canal

The Telemark canal

Experience the tenderloin of the Telemark Canal

The Telemark Canal was carved into the rock well over 100 years ago and when the canal was completed in 1892, it was described in Europe as an "eighth wonder".

500 men had then worked for 5 years to blow their way through the mountains. With as many as 18 lock chambers, the road was paved from Skien and into the Old Norse Dalen, a voyage of 105 km and with a height difference of 72 meters.

The canal was called "Hurtigruten" between Eastern Norway and Western Norway and was also the most important traffic route between upper and lower Telemark for people, livestock, goods and timber. Today, tourists from near and far come to experience this unique waterway that appears almost as it did over a hundred years ago. The stone-smeared lock walls, the huge lock gates, the opening and closing mechanism - everything is authentic.

Package offers with accommodation and canal tour can be purchased at Telemarkskanalen.

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Itinerary and prices

Half day trip: Lunde - Ulefoss - Lunde

Our most compact trip! If you want to experience the locks in the Telemark Canal without using it all day, then this is the trip for you. You first take a bus from Ulefoss locks to Lunde lock. The boat sails from Lunde locks and down in the canal landscape to Ulefoss locks. Along the way, you will also experience Vrangfoss locks, which is the largest lock facility in the Telemark Canal.

The car can be parked for free in the parking lot approx. 200 meters before the lock (when you come from Ulefoss center).

  • Departure by canal bus from Ulefoss locks
  • Arrival at Lunde lock. Approx. 200 meters to walk from the bus stop to the lock.
  • Departure by canal boat from Lunde lock
  • Arrival Ulefoss locks

Day trip: Kviteseid - Ulefoss - Kviteseid

On this trip you get to experience both large lakes with steep mountain sides, river sailing and as many as 6 locks. A complete trip! The package includes a boat trip from Kviteseid / Spjotsodd to Ulefoss Sluse and a bus from Ulefoss back to Kviteseid / Spjotsodd.

Park your car for free either at Kviteseid pier or Spjotsodd pier, here you do not need a parking permit.

Departure with M / S Henrik Ibsen Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays:

  • Departure from Spjotsodd pier
  • Arrival Ulefoss locks
  • Departure with Telemarksekspressen from Ulefoss lock (bus change in Seljord).
  • Arrival Spjotsodd (approx. 500 meters to walk from bus stop to parking)

Departure with M / S Victoria Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays:

  • Departure with M/S Victoria from Kviteseid Brygge
  • Arrival Ulefoss locks
  • Departure with Telemarkekspressen from Ulefoss lock (bus change in Seljord).
  • Arrival Kviteseid (just left of the pier)

Bike ride: Canal route - 100km

Day 1
- Overnight stay at Lunde Vandrerhjem.

Day 2
- Breakfast at Lunde Vandrerhjem.
- Today's cycling stage: Lunde - Vrådal, approx. 55 kilometers.
The trip is mainly on asphalt, on roads with relatively little traffic. Hilly terrain.
- Accommodation at Straand Hotel in Vrådal.
- Dinner at the hotel.

Day 3
- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Today's cycling stage: Vrådal - Dalen, approx. 45 kilometers.
The trip is on both gravel and asphalt on roads with little traffic. Varied and with moderate hills.
- Accommodation at Dalen Hotel.
- 4-course dinner at the hotel.

Day 4
- 08.00 / 08.50 departure by canal boat from Lastein pier at Dalen.
- Serving on board: Breakfast is included in the package.
- At 13.10 arrival at Lunde lock.

Channel package from Ulefoss

Experience an eventful trip on the Telemark Canal and stay overnight at the historic Straand Hotel in Vrådal. Along the way, you'll experience as many as 5 lock systems, including Vrangfoss, which is the largest. The trip also offers river sailing and finally an idyllic approach to Kviteseid or Spjotsodd.

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Bike ride: Canal route - 100km

This is the ultimate cycling tour along the Telemark Canal! Experience beautiful canal scenery, good accommodation and a fantastic boat trip on the Telemark Canal as a "prize" on the last day. The route runs along a road with little traffic and varied terrain. Some of the climbs are steep and the trip is relatively long, so you should have done some cycling before embarking on this trip.

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