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We help the businesses of the future succeed.

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The Straand Akademia concept creates added value for companies and helps them to succeed. We do this by increasing the ability to adapt and change among senior managers, middle managers, management teams, departments, projects and employees. Straand Hotel has the facilities you need for a professional gathering.

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The next chapter of our brand is built on our academic experience and history.

With Straand Akademia, we are taking a step towards the future. We help businesses succeed by increasing the ability of decision-makers and employees to adapt and change.

We work with partners Tinkr, House of Agile and Vissa to create meeting places for growth and learning.

Target group

Anders Wengen

Partner, Tinkr

Lars André Skari

General Manager, House of Agile

Ståle Johansen

General Manager, Vissa

New course:
Innovation management in practice

Do you find it challenging to work with innovation? Is it difficult to get others in your organization on board, or is it not happening as quickly as you would like? In this course, we help you understand how you can contribute to increased innovation and new thinking in your own team or department.