Ever since 1864, our hotel has provided well-being and good service with the guest in the center. 

Welcome to Straand Hotel, Vrådal Ferieleiligheter and Vrådal Booking

Welcome to the historic Straand Hotel.
Here you will find practical information about dining, check-in and check-out and our swimming pool.

Our restaurant hastable settings for breakfast from 08:00 to 09:30
Table settings for dinner are from 19:00 to 21:00
Please let us know your preferred time for meals.
From 12:00 to 18:00 our lunch menu with sandwiches and small dishes is served in our piano bar or on our roof terrace.

Check-in and check-out:
In normal season we have check-in from 15:00 and check-out before 11:00.
In the season June to September we have check-in from kl. 16:00 and check out before kl. 11:00.
If they arrive at the hotel before the time of check-in, they must of course be allowed to check in if the room is ready, otherwise all our other facilities can be used, even if they have not checked in to their room.

Swimming pool, changing rooms and saunas:
The swimming pool and changing rooms are open from 07:00 - 19:00.
Saunas are open from 07:00 - 09:00 and from 16:00 - 19:00.

You should feel safe when you enjoy your holidays in Fjell Telemark. Infection control is important for our guests and employees, we must all contribute to the work of limiting the COVID-19 pandemic in Norway. Our goal is for everyone to have good experiences in a safe environment in Fjell Telemark.
We follow the guidelines from national authorities to the best of our ability and for many of the players in the region, this means that some service offerings are somewhat adapted compared to normal operations. We hope our guests appreciate the extra work we do to limit infection and at the same time understand that we have to make adjustments to the service offer in light of the COVID-19 situation.

Unfortunately, not everything we can carry out as in a normal situation, but we will do our utmost to ensure that our guests have good experiences in Fjell Telemark.

Based on NHO's guides for infection control and the guidelines from NIPH, we have jointly prepared a guide for handling infection control measures during the corona outbreak 2020, companies in the region are encouraged to follow. We follow the general driving rules that apply, excerpts from the most important:

  • Everyone must follow the national health councils
  • Remember frequent and good hand washing, wash your hands thoroughly:
    when you have been out among people, when you have been to the toilet, when you have coughed, sneezed or cheated, when you are going to cook or eat. If you do not have soap and water available, you can use a disinfectant
  • Have good cough hygiene
  • Avoid coughing or sneezing on others
  • Cough into a paper handkerchief that you throw away. Remember to wash your hands afterwards!
  • If you do not have a paper handkerchief, you should cough in the elbow hook.
  • Guests or staff must stay home if they have symptoms of respiratory disease. Cancel your holiday and go home if you get sick
    Keep a good distance, minimum 1 meter if possible
  • Frequent and good cleaning routines at companies such as restaurants, hotels, rental cabins etc.
  • Employees will be introduced to new and stricter routines regarding infection control measures
  • Information on infection control must be available from companies

For Straand Hotel, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have introduced additional measures within parts of our service offer to best protect you as a guest from infection. Below you can find information on how we handle this.

Due to requirements for distance between our guests and for individual serving, we will at check-in map which meals our guests want and agree on a time for these. We want fixed tables for dinner and breakfast, as well as the option of "breakfast to go" - a pre-packaged breakfast that can be enjoyed in the hotel room, or taken out.
We ask that all our guests use disinfection at the entrance to our restaurant and frequent hand washing in general.

Table settings for breakfast from 07:30 to 09:30
Seating for dinner from 19:00 to 21:30
Please let us know the desired time for meals and if you want a "breakfast to go". We ask for your understanding that in some cases we need guidelines for meal times in order to achieve the desired spread of meals for our guests.

Check-in and check-out:
With regard to any infection tracing, there will be a need to obtain the names and mobile phone numbers of all guest rooms. This is handled by each room checking in filling out an arrival message. We ask that our guests take care of the room keys from check-in to check-out. We disinfect keys at check-out, so that all keys that are ready for check-in are infection-free. We ask that all guests disinfect their hands at check-in.
In the season June to September we have check-in from kl. 16:00 and check out before kl. 11:00.
If they arrive at the hotel before 16:00 they will of course be allowed to check in if the room is ready, otherwise all our other facilities can be used, even if they have not been checked in to their room.

Swimming pool and changing rooms:
The swimming pool is open to resident guests.
With regard to infection control, we encourage our guests to change and shower in their room rather than in the swimming pool's cloakroom.

We are not able to check in guests who have fever and / or respiratory symptoms. If you experience such symptoms during your stay, we ask that you stay in your room and contact the reception by phone, either by pressing 9 on the room's internal telephone or on telephone number 35 06 90 00. The main rule is that guests with symptoms must cancel the holiday and travel home for further follow-up.

Industry standard «safe accommodation»
NHO Reiseliv has developed the industry standard «safe accommodation» which can be found at

The authorities ask everyone living in Norway to read important information and advice about coronavirus at and . The advice is changing fast. The information is available in Norwegian and English. If you have problems understanding the information, we encourage you to ask someone you know for help.