Enjoy autumn in beautiful Vrådal

Ever since 1864, our hotel has provided well-being and good service with the guest in the center. 


Enjoy autumn with us in Vrådal - in the heart of Telemark

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in Vrådal. Here you can stay and recharge your batteries, enjoy time with family, old and new friends and entertain yourself and others with a wide range of activities - we literally have something for everyone and every taste.

Vrådal is a small, idyllic village in western Telemark, surrounded by stunning scenery and a beautiful lake. For five generations, we as a family have run, built and developed the hotel for the benefit of our guests. We have established our own traditions and our own identity, and today we are proud members of De Historiske. Telemark is in itself a proud bearer of culture and is a region that offers an extensive cultural heritage.

As our guest, you have our full attention and priority. Our offer to guests is presented as three pillars in a HUB that provides an overview and access to everything. Here are some of the things you can do and experience in Vrådal in the fall:

The hotel

The hotel offers a wide range of activities for young and old, and has a fantastic location at the north end of the beautiful Lake Nisser. Here you can plan an activity vacation or just relax and enjoy good food and drink. We serve good, locally sourced Norwegian food based on the traditions of our own region and are happy to take orders if anyone in your party has allergies or special needs. We go to great lengths to ensure that our guests are satisfied and enjoy their stay with us.

Recharge your batteries in one of our many traditional lounges, our lovely apple orchard, on the roof terrace or in our cozy historic lounges or our piano bar in the reception area. Throughout the fall, it is also possible to use trampolines and playground equipment, cycle on a wide range of marked trails, rent a boat, canoe or one of our beautiful kayaks and enjoy the beautiful Lake Nisser.

The veteran boat M/S Fram is our pride and joy and sails on the lakes Nisser and Vråvatn from the jetty at Straand. She operates from May to October with scheduled and sightseeing trips in the beautiful inland archipelago and is a great experience for both young and old. On the boat, we recommend trying out the famous waffles and a good cup of coffee. Check the timetable at www.ms-fram.no.

The hotel also has a great pool that keeps a cool 26 degrees, a popular venue for both children and swimmers if the weather is a little rough. There's something for everyone here.


Also take a trip to our good neighbor, master silversmith Astrid Søftestad, who both makes jewelry and runs a gift shop a little out of the ordinary. Nisseloftet is a Christmas shop with elves, angels and the most beautiful Christmas baubles, a selection that just has to be experienced and it's Christmas all year round. A visit to Astrid's shop will quickly put you in the Christmas spirit. Welcome to Astrid!

Experiences fall - HUB Experience

Over many years, we have developed a great experience concept for our guests in Vrådal. HUB Experience makes it possible for you as a guest to stay, experience and enjoy the hotel with full access to our HUB offer, which includes everything from mountain hiking on marked trails, golf, cycling along the road or in the terrain or a great boat trip with MS Fram.

Fantastic hikingopportunities

Many of our guests are interested in hiking in the fantastic mountains around us. There is a large network of short and longer hikes in the forest or mountains.
Hikes that in their own way create great experiences, mastery and not least exercise and training. If you wish, we are happy to create an exciting
food experience for your packed lunch for the trip
. We have beautiful forests, shiny rocks and high mountains that should be able to satisfy any need or

level of ambition. For more information about hiking opportunities and routes, see https://hubriding.no/hotell/straand/#vandring.

Experiences by bike

The bicycle is a very popular means of transportation in Vrådal. With us, you can rent traditional pedal bikes or state-of-the-art e-bikes that give you access to new and fantastic areas and experiences. We have created great routes for both road and off-road cycling, and there are many choices and variations. Some bring their own bike, others want to rent, but we can still give you access to a rich and varied route network that will satisfy both professional touring cyclists. If you want a separate program with logistical support, we are happy to arrange that too. We are happy to accommodate cycling clubs for whom we have created their own routes. For touring cyclists, we can offer great experiences along Nisser or Vråvatn, we have access to cycling routes in forests and fields, or climbing over beautiful swings in the high mountains. We are happy to transport cyclists to the Gautefall region, which has a large network of trails for the more advanced. Check out https://hubriding.no/hotell/straand/

We're happy to recommend our electric bikes, which can take you up to the Vrådal panorama where you can enjoy a bath and a trip to the spectacular sauna in the high mountains. A really nice and fun experience. Check out www.alpin.no to book time in the sauna.

Refreshing bath

With us, you can swim both outdoors and indoors throughout the fall. Here, ice bathers can warm up or cool down for the winter at our own outdoor bathing facility or our lovely indoor pool, which is a refreshing 26 degrees. Baths and saunas can be complemented with refreshing tastes of local food and drink to add a special touch to the experience. We are happy to tailor a program for you and yours.

You can still ride a motorcycle or pursue your interest in cars in the fall in beautiful West Telemark

We have perhaps Norway's most well-developed route network and service offer for motorcyclists. Here you can choose between 15 specially designed HUB riding routes with guaranteed turns and fantastic access routes from the east, west, north or south. We have a dedicated service program for the motorcyclist that includes everything from technical support, washing or drying facilities for those who have gotten wet. We have our own roof terrace, which is often the meeting point for motorcyclists, and we have simply become an
important meeting point for motorcyclists and motorists in the sports segment. That's why we usually have a new exhibition in the parking lot every
evening. Feel free to drop by if you just want a drive in the region and need a good cup of coffee and a breather.

 We organize the Straand meeting from 15 to 17 September and the Straand car finale from 29 September to 1 October. Both are legendary meeting points for autophiles with an interest in vehicles on two or four wheels. Check out: https://straand.no/straandtreffet/and https://straand .no/bilfinale/

Weekend with friends and afternoon tee

To take care of you and yours, we are happy to serve afternoon tea in our beautiful fireplace lounge or wind lounge. An experience that immerses you and yours in peace and enjoyment that is guaranteed to recharge your batteries.

Lock cruise with MS Fram

Our own very special vintage boat MS Fram still sails throughout the fall on lock cruises on beautiful Nisser and is an experience in in itself. Check timetables and more information at www.ms-fram.no


From the hotel, we look over to one of Norway's most beautiful 9-hole golf courses located on Fossøy. Here you can enjoy playing on a very well-kept golf course with its own irrigation system directly from Lake Nisser. On this course you will be challenged on a continuous basis and maybe the veteran boat MS Fram will sail by? Check out https://vradalgolfklubb.no/ and our golf package https://straand.no/opplevelser/golfpakke/


The main routes to Vrådal and West Telemark from southern Norway are Telemark Road, RV41 which runs in scenic surroundings from Kristiansand along Tovdalselva and Nidelva up to Treungen, where it follows Nisser up to Vrådal and E134 in Brunkeberg.
Along the road you will find rest areas with staves carved like the decorations from local cultural monuments such as stave churches, beer chickens and rose paintings.

Telemark region

Telemark is rich in cultural history and with Straand's central location, it's easy to reach all of them with adventurous stages. The waterways of Telemark, try the exciting Gaustadbanen for a trip to Gaustadtoppen and experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site Rjukan-Notodden industrial heritage to name a few.The mysterious Telemark represented by the stories from Flatdal, Svartdal and Hjartdal, Ulefoss Manor (the white jewel) and the locks that take you up to Kviteseid with the old coach boats Henrik Ibsen and MS Victoria on the Telemark Canal, which also serves a delicious local lunch along the way.

As a region, West Telemark is a very exciting area that has a lot to offer. Vest-Telemark Museum, with several locations in the region is the foremost communicator of our cultural history and a journey from museum to museum is an experience in itself. We can help with advice and make the necessary appointments if required. Did you know that the west thief was considered very jolly?

We can definitely recommend a trip to Fyresdal for a great tree hike in Hamaren activity park. Our entire region is filled with great hiking experiences and more inspiration can be found at Hiking Telemark
The fantastic Z-museum in Treungen , with with its eras, provides great insights into local history from ancient and modern times.

Our nearest neighbor is Vrådal's unique silversmith, Astrid Søftestad and her smithy and retail outlet Sølvsmedtunet. She is a culture bearer with good craftsmanship and enthusiastically makes her own jewelry and traditional silver such as bunad silver. There is also a gift shop and a unique Nisseloft. Get into the Christmas spirit and send a card to Santa from Astrid and Erling who run Sølvsmia. You can read more about Sølvesmedtunet at https://solvsmedtunet.no/

There is also plenty of other art and cultural history and narrative art to be found in our local area. How about a gallery tour in Vrådal, where you can learn more about personalities such as Louis Moe and the illustrator of the smørbukk comics Solveig Muren Sanden