Environment and sustainability

With heart for Vrådal

Straand Hotel is nicely located at the northern end of Nisser, one of Norway's largest lakes, which is surrounded by forest and mountains. Here it is possible to walk directly from the inland archipelago to the summit hike.
In the northern part of Nisser, traces of people have been found who have used nature in our immediate area all the way back to the Stone Age.

Straand Hotel is an Eco-Lighthouse company.
In a district with long traditions of hunting, trapping and outdoor life, it is a natural part of everyday life to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible.
We work to limit food waste and the spread of other waste. As part of this, we have begun to phase out buffet dining and serve plate meals most of the year.
Many of our employees live close to the hotel and walk or cycle to and from their workplaces.

Straand Hotel is an important cornerstone company for the small village of Vrådal as well as Kviteseid municipality with our 30 man-years. We also have employees from more than 10 different nationalities who are permanent residents of the local community.
We cooperate with NAV as an inclusive working life company and we are a hotel with a collective agreement.
Our corporate culture is founded on courtesy, respect, and hospitality towards our guests as well as our employees.

As one of the largest tourism companies in West Telemark, we are also actively involved in efforts to have our region certified as a sustainable destination. This is a project that includes environmental and climate measures as well as contributing to positive and inclusive social development for our region and our employees, and ensuring continued operations and important jobs in our company, our partners and our local community.

As a historic hotel, we are committed to communicating our history and identity to our guests.
As a district hotel, an important part of our identity throughout our history has been to facilitate short and longer trips to and from Straand Hotel, for tourists as well as business travelers.
We have taken this with us further and have been a natural basis for the concept HUBRiding which has been developed here with us in beautiful Vrådal.
By arranging for beautiful walks in magnificent nature, with or without a motor, we get to show our local area and the attractions around us. This provides good experiences for our guests and contributes to value creation throughout the district.

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