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“Welcome walking”

Hægefjell, Roholdtsfjell and Venelifjell are three of the most popular mountains in Vrådal. Venelifjell is very family-friendly and means "the beautiful mountain" and rightly bears the name. Watch video from this tour area: https://vimeo.com/290878994

There are many hiking opportunities in Vrådal and we have a great hiking terrain for hiking with different levels of difficulty. Here you will find marked routes for both families with children and more experienced hikers. There is both forest terrain and barren mountains in Vrådal; something for every taste! The hiking season runs from May to October.

Straand Hotel is a "Welcome Hiking Hotel". “Velkomen Vandrar” is a business collaboration in upper Telemark where the companies commit to having specific services for hikers: the opportunity to lubricate packed lunches, dry clothes, get travel tips, etc.

Check out Hiking in Vrådal for more info.

Contact the hotel on tel. +47 35 06 90 00 or e-mail: straand@straand.no if you have any questions or for ordering.


Hiking package from kr 890,-

  • The price is per person per day in a double room including breakfast.
  • Single room from NOK 1450
  • Dinner from NOK 545,- per person
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