West Telemark

A journey in the region's nature, culture and history.

The trip begins along Vråvatn, the upper lake in Arendals - the watercourse, and further through forests and small settlements. Above Dalen we stop at Grimdalstunet.

Grimdalen is the birthplace and childhood home of the sculptor Anne Grimdalen - best known for her work with the decoration of Oslo City Hall. Today, Grimdalen is a listed farmyard with houses from the Middle Ages and a sculpture house with work by Anne Grimdalen. Every summer there is an exhibition of famous artists. The museum has a café.

An alternative stop is Åmdals Verk Gruver, an interesting mining history museum based on copper mines in operation from 1540 to 1945.

Then you drive towards Dalen, the town which is located 72 meters above sea level and is the end point of the Telemark Canal. Here you will find the venerable Hotel Dalen.

From Dalen you drive on to Vest - Telemark Museum at Eidsborg. This is an open-air museum that shows you centuries-old traditions in folk arts and crafts.
In the museum area is also Eidsborg Stave Church, Norway's smallest of the remaining stave churches. A tour here offers good stories about the development and significance of the stave church in the local community.

From Eidsborg, the trip continues east to Morgedal, the village called "Skisportens Vugge". Here is the experience center Norsk Skieventyr which shows modern ski history through photos, exhibitions and film. The museum has a souvenir shop and café.

From Morgedal you drive back to Vrådal through Kviteseid. Along the way you can stop at Kviteseid Bygdetun.

Map and directions

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