(can be combined with "discovery trip to Fyresdal")

In Treungen is the Z-Museum with a number of exhibitions. Among other things, cars, motorcycles and mopeds with contemporary accessories. There is also a unique collection of oriental rugs, as well as old toys and clothes and a large telephone exhibition. In the museum there is also a cozy cafe in the completed 60s style.
Read more at www.z-museum.no

Driving route

From Vrådal you drive south along beautiful Nisser, Telemark's largest lake. There are two routes along the water; either on the east side on the main road through the village center Nissedal, or by cable ferry over to Fjone on the west side, and further on the village road along beautiful beaches. Both alternatives end in the center of Treungen. Feel free to take one alternative to Treungen and the other on the way home.

Map and directions

Other experiences in Treungen

Near the Z-Museum is the Pipo Playground which is a children's play center. In the center of Treungen there are various shops, including Tveitsund Blomar og Gåver, MX Sport, COOP Prix, SPAR, the shop Svigerinnenes Draum as well as a bank (Sparebanken Sør) and tourist information (only open in summer).