Day trip to Rjukan

Day trip to Rjukan - "The battle for the heavy water"

The trip goes from Vrådal via Brunkeberg to Morgedal, the village called "Skisportens Vugge". Here you can visit Norsk Skieventyr, which shows modern ski history through photos, exhibitions and film. The museum has a souvenir shop and café.

The trip continues further west to Åmot in Vinje and from there to Rauland and over the high mountains (highest point 1050 masl) to Skinnarbu with magnificent views over the southeastern part of the Hardangervidda.
Furthermore, on the way down through the steep Vestfjorddalen, a stop at the first tunnel is recommended for a look down into the sucking Maristijuvet.

Shortly afterwards you arrive at Vemork where the Norwegian Industrial Workers' Museum is located. The museum is located in the old power plant, known from the heavy water operation in 1943. Here there is a tour of the engine room and you can see exhibitions and the battles during the war, and not least a film about the heavy water saboteurs. The museum has a café. We recommend "Vemork package" with guided tour and lunch included.
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From Vemork you drive on towards Rjukan and if you have time we recommend a trip with the cable car "Krossobanen".

Then you drive through Rjukan, which Sam Eyde built from scratch when he created Norsk Hydroelektriske Kvælstoffcompagnie (Norsk Hydro).

Furthermore, the trip goes on the road under Gaustatoppen - Telemark's highest mountain (1883 masl). It is possible to take a "train" to the top of the mountain, Gaustabanen. The ascent goes inside the mountain.
Further through Tuddal (which is known for Knut Buen, Buens Amfi and bygdetun), to Sauland.

The trip goes west to Seljord, which is the region's trade center, and on via Brunkeberg to Vrådal.

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