Spring taste of joy

Friends of Bache-Gabrielsen Vest-Telemark
Invite everyone who wants to taste, learn, experience new flavors and the pleasure of tasting wine, beer, cider, cognac and good food to a day in Vrådal at Straand Hotel. There will be good food, good drinks and good stories and lectures about what we taste.

Who is coming?
Bache-Gabrielsen Norway. Wine tasting will be by Selected Wines' exquisite range of wines. Former beer farmer/founder and brewmaster at Fjellbryggeriet, Åsmund Rinde, will take us through some beer history and beer tasting.
No one knows for sure when beer was first brewed in Norway, but Norwegians in the Middle Ages believed that it was Odin who had taught people how to brew beer. The first evidence of beer drinking in the Nordic countries dates from around the 16th century BC. The story of Fjellbryggeriet and brewmaster Åsmund Rinde began on the farm Vehus, a few kilometers south of the center of Åmotsdal. There, Åsmund Rinde and Margit Karlsen Rinde started the successful Fjellbryggeriet brewery in 1999. There was a lot to learn, but after years of varying results, Fjellbryggeriet came up with the great beer we know today. Listen to Aasmund talk about their journey and their knowledge of beer.


11:00 am: Wine tasting, Remi Madsen will lead us through this.
12:30 pm: Lunch in the restaurant.
At 14:00: Beer history with tasting by Åsmund Rinde
At 17.00: Bache-Gabrielsen cognac, taste and learn about cognac from the undisputed market leader in Norway.
Bache-Gabrielsen is an innovative family business with strong roots from and to Norway. Jan Erik Hofsli, will lead the tasting of
Bache-Gabrielsen cognac. He will give us the history, describe the area,
teach us about the raw materials and the production process, all this that gives the
noble drink - cognac.
19.00: A "Lively" Aperitif in the Piano Bar.
19.30: Feast - Chef Darius at Straand Hotel combines local ingredients with inspiration from his journey in different food traditions. We enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner in pleasant company.
21.00: Coffee and Cognac. Kaffe Avec is actually a Norwegian, and Nordic, expression
in France, the waiter looks like a question mark if you ask for
"café avec", because there we have called it Coffee and Cognac. There is something
solemn about a "avec" situation. We move to a different setting and
wrap up the meal. We move to another room, and enjoy
a good glass of an exquisite Cognac you most likely haven't
have tasted before. Jan Erik will tell the story behind this and how it
was produced.
Subject to changes in the program

Friday - Sunday

Accommodation Friday to Sunday with breakfast and participation in the full program on Saturday.

NOK 3235,- per person in a double room
Kr 4275,- per person in a single room

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Saturday Sunday

Accommodation Saturday to Sunday with breakfast and participation in the full program on Saturday.

NOK 2410,- per person in a double room
NOK 2930,- per person in a single room

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Participation on Saturday without accommodation

Participation in the entire program on Saturday.

NOK 1585,- per person

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