With Straand Hotel as your basecamp, you can go on beautiful hikes in the forest and mountains!

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With ♥ for hiking

In Vrådal, we have a lot of beautiful nature and hikes that suit everyone, right in the immediate area. We'll be happy to help you find an afternoon walk along the beautiful Lake Nisser, or a more challenging hike?

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Hiking in West Telemark

In the village of Vrådal alone, we have many fantastic hikes that should be on your bucket list. How about a family-friendly trip to Venelifjell, or would you prefer a long hike to Hægefjell? Roholtfjell is a great classic. In addition, there are fantastic hiking opportunities elsewhere in West Telemark.

Fossøy nature and culture trail

Hike from the historic Straand Hotel over the locks to Fossøy and follow the nature trail around one of the country's finest 9-hole golf courses.

Along the trail you'll find 18 information boards telling you about archaeology, animal and plant life and more. Fossøy is a natural gem that was created during the last ice age with clear marks of dune ice pits. Read more about the tour here!

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Hiking package from NOK 890,- per person

Price per person per day in a double room incl. breakfast

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Tour suggestions

Family trip number #1!

Venelifjell - the beautiful mountain

Family friendly

The Veneli hiking area is a beautifully prepared hiking area, with opportunities for both hiking in forest terrain as well as a trip to the top of Veneli mountain, where you have a view of large parts of the area around Lake Nisser. See more info about the trip at hubriding.no.


6 hours
14 kilometers

Climb to the majestic peak of Hægefjell. The hike offers fine mountain terrain and fantastic views. Hægefjell is made of magma from the earth's interior. The name of the rock is gneiss granite and this species is the origin of the beautiful sandy beaches that can be found all along Vråvatn and Nisser. Read more about the tour here.


Medium+ demanding
5 hours
13 km (8 miles)

Mountain peak at over 1,000 meters above sea level with a T-marked trail both from Vrådal center and from Heia between Kviteseid and Vrådal (RV 41).
Towards the top there is a slightly tougher hike where part of the hike goes on steep rocks. On this hike, you should wear shoes with good grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

Eat well between trips

At Straand Hotel we have talented chefs who create delicious dishes. Food rarely tastes as good as when you've been on a trip.
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HUB Hiking
- other tours in Telemark


Lårdalstigen between Dalen and Lårdal

Enjoy the fantastic view down towards the Telemark Canal from the steep mountainsides along Lårdalstigen.
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Gaustatoppen in Rjukan

Telemark's highest mountain - Gaustatoppen (1883 m) - is considered one of Norway's most beautiful mountains.
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Gygrestolen in Bø

Gygrestolen is a well-known landmark in Bø, shaped by the Ice Age. Visit the spectacular rock formations!
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Falconry set

Falconry in Rauland

Follow the stone staircase to the top of beautiful Falkeriset in Rauland.
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The potholes in Treungen

1 hour
2 km from Dynjafoss power station

Jettegrytene in Nissedal is nature's own water park and a great day trip for young and old. This incredible natural phenomenon can be found in the very south of the municipality, in the small village of Eikhom, one mile from Telemarksvegen.

Potholes are round or long depressions in solid rock and were created by meltwater during the Ice Age.

Read more about the potholes here.

In the footsteps of the Rui girls

The Rui girls in Dalen

Follow the steep paths up to the beautiful Rui Square and dive into the story of the Rui sisters who lived there.
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Hamaren Activity Park in Fyresdal

Have you caught the "phenomenon" in Fyresdal? In Hamaren Activity Park, everyone can get to the top of the spectacular treetop walkway!
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Vidsyn - sculpture walk

Vidsyn in Rauland

At the top of Vierlinuten in Rauland stands the sculpture "Vidsyn", made by sculptor Hilde Mæhlum. A nice round trip!
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The shadow night

The shadow night in Treungen

Climb to the top of Skuggenatten and enjoy the beautiful view of Nissedal and Lake Nisser.
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