September 27 - September 29, 2024

Join us for this fall's exciting
car meeting at Straand Hotel

We emphasize good driving experiences, display of car models, safe driving, mini lectures and pleasant socializing.

Our goal is to be a meeting place for clubs, dealers, car enthusiasts and everyday drivers. We cordially invite vintage cars, new cars, sports cars, street cars, suppliers and all other car enthusiasts to the fall show in Vrådal! We hope this will be a great end of season event for the car people - Welcome!

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Who is comming?

In 2023 we were visited by:

  • Single room (per night) NOK 2050,-

    Breakfast is included

  • Double room (per night) NOK 2850,-

    Breakfast is included

Prices accommodation. Enter promo code Bilfinale2024 when booking

Book at or contact the hotel by phone 35 06 90 00
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Friday, September 27

Saturday, September 28

Sunday, September 29

Welcome - drive wisely

Driving on the airstrip on Saturday - organized driving on a closed track without a competitive element

Saturday from 10:00 (departure from the hotel at 09:00)

Straand MC hub organizes driver development courses at the airstrip in Fyresdal (closed area). The purpose of the course is to learn how to handle your own car better and further develop the drivers' technical driving skills. Planned exercises include precision driving with cone driving and exercises in effective braking (emergency braking) with an acceleration element. With the course, the organizer wants each participant to further develop their driving skills and become better acquainted with their own car and its characteristics. We want to contribute to the zero vision in the injury statistics on Norwegian roads by contributing to safer and more secure drivers. It is therefore important for us to reach out to different types of drivers and different types of cars. We want an individual focus where our goal is for each driver to develop based on the level they are at.

The course instructor, Vidar Lavoll and his team, have experience in conducting similar events, and he also led us through a similar program last year. Safety for drivers, other participants, officials and spectators is our top priority. Our goal is to create an annual course with a focus on road safety and skills development. We believe that driving skills are perishable and must be regularly renewed and developed.

Course fee: Kr 200,-

Welcome and ride wisely! Greetings Straand MC Hub - We make others happy!


Safety for drivers, other participants, officials and spectators is the highest priority.

  • Mandatory driver meeting
  • Self-declaration must be completed before the course starts
  • We follow the Road Traffic Act
  • Driver must have a valid driver's license
  • The vehicle must be in proper condition in accordance with the regulations in the Road Traffic Act
  • There must be no loose objects in the passenger compartment, luggage compartment or engine compartment
  • Windows must be closed when driving
  • Walking speed when driving on/off to the facility
  • Follow messages from instructor
  • Irresponsible driving can lead to expulsion
  • All driving is at your own responsibility and risk
  • Check your own insurance conditions, as track driving often has its own provisions in the insurance contract.
  • Upon participation, the organizer is given full right to provide an insurance company with information about any insurance-related event

As before, we will work to ensure that the insurance in IF, Tryg, Enter or Eika is updated so that the comprehensive insurance applies during the course (with reservations as no insurance company has been contacted for 2023. Assessment of whether there is grossly negligent driving will be assessed in the event of an accident.

Subject to change - always follow the instructor's instructions.