Straand Hotel aims to become Norway's best hotel for motorcycle and car tourists.


Adapted for you who have a passion for driving

The historic Straand Hotel is nicely located in the middle of southern Norway, with many winding, hilly roads to attractions and destinations throughout the southern part of the country.

Here, road transport and driving are a natural part of everyday life and a passion for many, including Lars Arne Straand, 5th generation host and director at Straand Hotel.

We have long wanted to share this passion, the beautiful rides and our magnificent nature with our guests and the rest of the motorcycle community.
In 2018, we contacted Ole-Andras Isdahl and BikerDudes to get help from experienced motorcyclists to arrange our first motorcycle weekend "Straand meeting".

We want to facilitate good driving experiences without transport stages and packing and unpacking and to be a meeting place for driving enthusiasts.

With this as a background, we started at Straand Hotel with the help of BikerDudes to develop an activity concept where at the beginning of the 2021 season there are 13 hotels with high comfort and level of service that offer a fully developed grid full of varied driving experiences of high quality to their guests and we facilitate also for driving between these hotels.
The route suggestions in the HUBriding concept are set up by locally known driving enthusiasts who are passionate about showing off their favorites and giving you a good driving experience.

Further development of our HUBRiding product

Based on the development of our HUBRiding product for motorcycles, we have also developed the concept for car enthusiasts and cyclists.
Motor enthusiasts and cyclists will be a key focus area in the time ahead and we will continue to develop both concepts and infrastructure in relation to this.

Transport and accommodation for more than 100 years

The historic Straand Hotel opened its doors to visitors as far back as 1864, before tourism had reached this part of Telemark.
The first years Olav and Kari Straand ran a bus station for road users and in 1919 Johan, who had then taken over from his parents, went with 2 relatives to buy the first car that came to Vrådal. In 1929, they also purchased a truck and established a permanent transport route between Vrådal and Skien and developed Straand Bilruter. With what has happened in the transport area through the ages, this Straand commitment is now part of Telemark Bilruter.

Roof terrace

Enjoy good food and good drinks on our roof terrace after the drive.

Free WI-FI

Free wireless network throughout the hotel.

Free parking

We have free outdoor parking for all our guests.