Straand on ICE 2024

Welcome to Straand on ICE, 23 to 25 February.
Book a room and plan a great weekend trip in beautiful winter Telemark.

Straand on ICE 2024 - February 23-25, 2024


  • Common winter tires
  • ice spike
  • Patchwork tires
  • DPS tires


  • Operator Olav Haugen Hasdal
  • Mats from Broom
  • Car care
  • Burnt rubber

Welcome to Straand on ICE 2024! We are expanding our horizons with ice rink driving. In collaboration with NMK Seljord, there will be ice rink driving on a flat lake in Flatdal on February 24.
Booking of accommodation with ice rink driving opens on February 9 at 18:00 and there will be a limited number of places and is therefore unfortunately not possible to book driving without accommodation.

There will be courses in driving techniques and we give you the opportunity for useful driving training on snow and ice. This event is for everyone, whether it's a rigged ice cream truck or you have an awesome private car that you want to test on the ice.

The event includes, among other things:
  • Accommodation at Straand Hotel
  • Breakfast during your stay
  • Simple theory
  • Ice skating

We wish you a fast-paced day on the ice with lots of fun and great driving experiences!
After driving, there will be an AfterDrive with DJ Fredric Aasbø on the roof terrace if the weather permits, otherwise it will be in the piano bar in front of the fireplace.

Fredric Aasbø is coming, are you?

About the event

Everyone is welcome to drive, as long as you have a valid driver's license or license through Bilsportforbundet.
One-time license must be purchased for the driver and any passenger (unless you have an annual license driver / car), purchased at NMK Seljord is chosen as organizer.

More information about and licenses can be found at

  • Driver must have a valid class B driver's license or license through Bilsportforbundet
  • There will be a simple technical check of all vehicles before driving (no loose objects, toys and the battery must be securely attached. Driving lights and brake lights are also mandatory)
  • All drivers must attend a driver meeting prior to driving
  • All drivers and riders must wear a helmet and full-face clothing
  • Track rental with regular winter tires NOK 1200,- per vehicle
  • Track rental with ice spikes, patch or DPS tires 1800,- per vehicle

Practical information:
The base for the event will be at Straand Hotel and we hope many will come already on Friday so that we get a nice evening ahead of the drive that is planned for Saturday. After the drive, there will be an AfterDrive on the roof terrace, weather permitting, or in the piano bar in front of the fireplace. DJ Fredric Aasbø will be entertaining!

In addition to driving on the ice, there will be driving in beautiful Telemark terrain. Drive wisely!

About the ice rink:

Flatsjø ice rink is about 3km long and is located in Flatdal, about 40 minutes from Vrådal.

Prices and ordering

NB! If you do not see the option to book a standard tire after you have selected your room type, the track is already fully booked!

Book an apartment or camping!

The Straand meet
Where to stay
Which days



  • Arrival
  • Dinner for those who want it
  • Socializing in the fireplace room


  • Breakfast
  • Joint departure to Flatsjø ice rink (approx. 40 minutes drive)
  • Driver meeting and preparation
  • Ice skating from 10:00 to 16:00
  • Sale of simple refreshments on the ice
  • The run ends with a demonstration by world champion in drifting Fredric Aasbø
  • Finish and return to Straand Hotel (approx. 40 minutes in great driving terrain and up Kviteseidkleivenes hairpin bends)
  • AfterDrive on the terrace or in front of the fireplace in Pioanobaren - wrap-up and enjoyable socializing. DJ Fredric Aasbø entertains!
  • Dinner for those who want it


  • Breakfast and departure

Subject to changes in the program