Straand Festival - November 3 to 5

We look forward to welcoming you once again to the Straand Festival in early November

Straandfestivalen is the annual music and dance festival held at the historic Straand Hotel in beautiful Vrådal. The festival is organized by Tone, Svein and Øyvind in Tones Orkester. Sound and lighting are provided by the experienced guys at Klyve Lydstudio, who are also the guitarists in Tones Orkester.
The festival is held on the first weekend in November, and you can experience varied Norwegian dance music from several stages throughout the weekend.

There are also good traditions for "bush games" in all the hotel's common areas. If you love dance and music, this is one event you should attend.

There are opportunities to sign up for dance games, please contact Tone Norheim Klausen ( or 900 85 844

This year's line-up:

  • Helge Støholen & Tore Halvorsen
  • Sweden's Cultband
  • Sverre Risdal orchestra
  • Tones Orchestra
  • Bjørn Tore and Svein (aka Knoll & Tott) 
  • Evjerampen
  • Kalle Walle
  • Pedestals
  • Elin with friends
  • Trogfjellduren
  • Andersen & co
  • Wild straw

We will update this page with the program as it becomes available.

Tore Halvorsen is coming, are you coming?

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The Straand festival
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The program

The following artists are ready to entertain at Straandfestivalen 2023

2 happy gentlemen who enjoy each other's company... and the company of others.

This duo is a friendly and musical side project, which these two gentlemen perform with occasionally when it fits into both of their rather crowded schedules.

Tore Halvorsen is a full-time musician, former vocalist and frontman of Norway's most renowned dance band OLE IVARS.

After his time in Ole Ivars, Tore has worked as a solo artist, and in 2020 he released his first solo album "Godt og se deg igjen".

Helge Støholen currently works in a family-owned construction company in Tynset, but has previously been a full-time and part-time musician in several orchestras over the years, including the Hamarorkestret Bus Stop Band, and as a vocalist and keyboard player in the band KELLY'S HELTER, a very popular band in the 80s. Helge also released his first solo album "Nye Veier" in 2015, a record that was nominated for this year's "Gullskoen Award".

In recent years, the duo has performed a number of times around the country and abroad, and they have received much praise for their slightly informal style and contact with the audience, in addition to a very versatile musical reportage that ranges from songs and up to fiery disco rhythms, of course interspersed with some of the most famous songs from both their careers.

Sweden's Cultband

Sveriges Cultband is a Swedish orchestra from Ljungbyholm. The group was founded in 1997 by Kjell Andersson and Stig "Alex" Axelsson and has a recording contract with Pama Records AB

Kjell Andersson says;
"We jokingly say that we play western cultural music with an acoustic sound. The base is happy music with roots in Scandinavian folk music, but we also mix in a lot of Cajun and Irish folk music, sometimes even elements of country style.
There is tradition but also renewal in our own way with our own written material".

Sverre Risdal Orchestra

Sverre Risdals Orkester, consists of: Øyvind Seljåsen, accordion with electric bass. Arnt Kåre Asbjørnsen, accordion. Sverre Risdal, guitar and vocals.

The "orchestra" is the result of friends who often played at old-time dances and play parties. Øyvind plays at play courses and various folk dance events. Øyvind and Arnt Kåre are also active in a small choir. I, Sverre Risdal, was one of the founders of the dance band Frolands-Swingen, which saw the light of day in 1978. We released 6 cassettes with music and song. Øyvind Seljåsen was also in the band for 5 and a half years. During this time, we received several silver records + Froland Municipality's first cultural award. More recently, I, S. Risdal, have had my own one man band. There have been 23 trips to the USA, both as S. Risdal's orchestra, but often alone. We were for many years at the Gautefall meeting. For the last 8 years, we have had the pleasure of being part of the Straand Festival. We look forward to coming to Straand, from November 3-5, 2023.

Tones Orchestra

Tones Orkester was founded in 1996 and has released several albums. They mainly play old-time dance music, but occasionally they sneak in a few songs of an untraditional caliber. Tones Orkester's goal is to always be swinging, and the rhythms can be so catchy that even the most stiff-legged will be carried away!

Bjørn Tore & Svein (aka Knoll & Tott)

Knoll & Tott are coming, are you coming?

Bjørn Tore & Svein met at a country camp in Åmli a number of years ago and hit it off. Bjørn Tore from Arendal and Svein from Porsgrunn (now Valebø). Bjørn Tore is a well-known figure in the Agder counties and has played in various settings and alone for many years. Svein played in Trekkspillklubb for a number of years before he found a two-string and eventually co-founded Tones Orkester, with four record releases. They play country and dance music with a lot of humor along the way. Bjørn Tore has been recording for many years and Svein joined this year's album (KNOLL & TOTT)



Evjerampen is a group from Evje that plays country and dance music: Arnstein Hafver guitar and vocals, Borge Tørå bass and vocals and Finn Bakkevold accordion.

Kalle Walle

Kalle Walle has played for dancing and entertained with good "adult" dance music, country swing and old-time dancing for a number of years.
Kalle has played a lot at festivals in southern Norway and creates a good atmosphere on the dance floor.


Sokkelesten toraderklubb from Drangedal plays traditional old-time dancing.


Trogfjellduren is coming this year as in previous years.

Elin and friends

Elin with Friends on Stage

Elin and friends play traditional dance music, with torads and accordion.
The group consists of Elin Jørgensen on torads, Grethe Larsen on torads, Jan Erik Halvorsen on drums and Arne Jørgensen on bass.

Wild straw

Villstrå started in Agder in 2019 and consists of Margrethe Wold and Svein Lysestøl on accordion, Terje Lauen on guitar and Stanley Rossevatn on bass. For Vrådal, Jostein Sørtveit from Tysvær joins on bass.
We play both traditional old-time dance, our own melodies and we have a wide range to play from the mysteriously melancholic to the happy and cheerful. We emphasize uniqueness, variety, and a vibrant interplay.
We mostly play at festivals and released our CD 'På Villstrå' in 2021 in the midst of the corona epidemic.

Andersen & Co

Andersen & Co consists of experienced musicians from Tønsberg / Sandefjord and the surrounding area. Playing traditional Old Dance / Entertainment music.

Plays at festivals and hotels in several places in Norway and Sweden. Some of the musicians play in nationally renowned orchestras. We look forward to visiting Straandfestivalen 2023 and hope for a pleasant weekend.

Back from left: Jostein Eidem (Torader) Trygve Grønstad (Bass) Vidar Grann Hansen (Guitar) Jan Kåre Hasaas (Accordion) Tormod Andersen (Torader / Bandleader). Front from left : Berit Foss (Torader ) Ragnhild Solheim ( Torader.)