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a collection of the best routes over 4 days (self-drive)

Drive with a guide May 18-20, 2024 (Pentecost)

Four days to the end for everyone

In Telemark, you have plenty to choose from...

When you have a lot to choose from, it can actually be difficult to choose. To make it easier for you and yours, we've put together a list of the best experiences and routes. If you have a partner who doesn't like riding a motorcycle, we've put together a range of activities that can satisfy other needs and interests. If you have needs or wishes that lie outside these suggestions, we will be able to tailor a program that meets your needs or wishes as well. But below you can read and learn a little more about what we recommend.


Daily programs and tours
NB: May 18 to 20, the tours are guided

Day 1 - Even the arrival is hilarious 

There are many roads to Rome, they say, but there are at least as many roads leading to Vrådal. The difference is that it's actually much more fun to drive to Vrådal. Much more nature, more terrain and many more bends - exactly what the motorcyclist or motorist wants and needs to be happy.

Below are some of the recommended access routes you can connect to. You can download these as GPX files. See link to (link coming soon)

Day 2 - long route for those who like a good, long day in the saddle...

The long drive on day 2 goes to Lysebotn. This is the drive you've long dreamed of taking and will never forget. The trip, which is about 35 miles, requires an early breakfast and you'll be back in time for dinner at Straand. In return, we guarantee that you will have a wonderful day of driving in all types of terrain from mountains to fjords with bends in all categories. The stage from Fidjeland to Lysebotn is special and consists of tight bends that challenge the driver's vision and cornering skills. The sensory impressions are many and include everything from wonderful G-forces, smell, temperature and visual experiences that create lasting impressions and good memories. This is all about driving pleasure and happiness, you can read more about this route at 9 Valle sporet til Lysebotn.


Day 2 - short route for those who want a shorter trip and want to enjoy more of what Vrådal has to offer:

The short option for this day is called Route 7 - Dramatic Telemark. This is a route that can be driven by absolutely everyone. This route offers experiences and sights that are truly magnificent. The trip down along Nisser to Treungen is particularly beautiful on fine mornings with mirror-like water and gorgeous rock formations. The road has recently been upgraded with fine asphalt that invites you to drive with rhythm and good flow at nice speeds. In Treungen you'll find the Z-museum, which offers a wonderful journey through time, with lots of memories from your own childhood and growing up. Here you'll find everything you really remember and appreciate from your own childhood, and then some. The trip up to Gjøvdal along Nesvatn is winding and spectacular, taking you straight to Fyresdal and the spectacular treetop road at Hamaren. An impressive network of wooden bridges and walkways built in the treetops and into the nature of Fyresdal. A construction and a building that everyone is impressed by. The charm ear stage to Vrådal consists of symmetrical high-speed bends and tighter hairpin bends along Vråvatn on the very last section. This is a fantastic finale before refreshments, good food and socializing can be enjoyed on the roof terrace. The most eager cyclists like to take a trip to the wash area before parking their bikes, as it's always nice to get on a clean bike the next day.


Day 3 - Long route for those who want as much driving, learning and a touch of historical drama and reality as possible

This day is set aside for a journey through the world heritage, but not at the expense of the quality of the topography and driving experience. The drive offers fantastic and varied winding terrain in beautiful Telemark nature and the sensory impressions come thick and fast. The trip from Vrådal via Dalen, over Rauland to Rjukan has everything you dream of in terms of turns, terrain, rhythm and flow. Vemork, the ferry traffic on Tinnsjøen and the transport to Notodden, which was the starting point for the world's first successful industrial production of fertilizer. Today, the production of artificial fertilizer is one of the most important premises for the world's food production. Hydro's history starts at Notodden, and the electric arc furnace referred to as the Birkeland-Eyde method is a must-see. The story of the heavy water and the Tinnsjø ferries play an important role in the history of World War II, which is also an exciting and captivating topic you should take in. In Rjukan and Notodden you'll find exciting museums that convey the drama and excitement of important eras that ensured peace and today's standard of living in freedom. The road on via Gvarv, Lunde and Fjågesund, which is relatively unknown to motorcyclists, represents a sky-high amusement park factor and buckets of driving pleasure. We definitely recommend a stop at cider producer Lien Gård at Akkerhaugen and apple farmer Terje Sannes before you start the final fairground stage via Fjågesund. A stop at these places will give you insight and the desire to cheer on Norwegian local food traditions. The mileage on this day is 31 miles, so you'll have more than enough driving.

Lien Gård:

Terje Sannes: Can be contacted on request.


NB: The route currently has no GPX file.

Day 3 - Short route for those who want a nice balance between driving and learning in the World Heritage

The short route on day three also has a World Heritage theme, which is considerably shorter at 230 km but offers fun and festivities despite being a slightly easier and less technical route.

The trip down Kviteseidkleivene is always fun and the trip from Brunkeberg via Morgedal, Rauland over the mountain to Rjukan offers great flow zones and wonderful driving. Take time to stop at the cradle of skiing in Morgedal before driving on to Rjukan, where you should definitely take the time to experience the Krosso track, the sun mirror or Vemork's exciting history. The story of the saboteurs who blew up the heavy water cellar, one of the greatest and filmed dramas from war history. The drive from Rjukan up to Gaustatoppen is fun and takes you to a new attraction that should also be experienced. The mountain track that takes you up to Gaustatoppen is as charming as it is exciting, and you literally reach the roof of Norway where you can actually see most of southern Norway. The drive from here down to Sauland offers rhythm and play in symmetrical but varied curves in beautiful scenery. From here, the ride goes quietly via Hjartdal, Seljord to Kviteseid with a grand finale up Kviteseidkleivene to Straand hotel where the bike is parked for the evening.


Maybe you don't like driving?

If you're not as keen on riding a motorcycle as your partner, we have so much more to offer. With us, you'll never get bored and we can really recommend activity-based experiences like:


  • Hiking in spectacular surroundings
  • Trail or forest walks in exciting terrain
  • E-bike ride to Vrådal's most spectacular sauna with adjacent bathing facilities at the top of Vrådal Panorama
  • Cider safari to Lien Gård at Akkerhaugen
  • Z-museum in Treungen, a journey from our own generation and upbringing
  • Refreshing swimming opportunities in our own pool or on our own beach
  • Local food experiences and food culture in Telemark through a tour of the region
  • Relaxing in our historic surroundings, how about afternoon tea and bubbles in the apple orchard?
  • Visit our nearest neighbor Astrid Søftestad, who runs her own silversmith shop, gift shop and Santa's attic.
  • Trip to Rjukan, but the Krossobanen, the sun mirror, café visits or and Vemork's exciting history
  • A lock cruise with our own MS Fram, which is docked below the hotel and sails on Nisser and Vråvatn. Enjoy a boating experience on the Telemark Canal with a delicious lunch on board M/S Victoria or M/S Henrik Ibsen

In the evening, everyone meets on the roof terrace to enjoy good food and drink, sharing experiences and good stories before the body finds peace and recharges for a new day and new experiences.

Day 4 - On the way home - how about a trip to Tretoppvegen?

Tretoppvegen is built in an inclusive design and is approximately 1 km long and 2 meters wide, and it is universally designed. At the top, the road ends in a viewing circle 45 meters in diameter - here you can enjoy the view of Fyresvatn from 15 meters above the ground! The treetop path follows the contours of the landscape, taking height from the landscape to make the climb as universal as possible.

Hamaren Activity Park was completed in spring 2017 (link = film from the opening), and it has become an eldorado for all age groups! The park has walkways that are universally designed and a wide range of activities: Bicycle trail, treetop trampoline, climbing park, outdoor kitchen, shelters, fire pits, swimming area, barbecue hut, nature trail, climbing elements in steel and wood (The Bear and the Fox), and a spectacular footbridge around Hamaren's southernmost point. Check out this link:

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