The Straand Watt meeting

Welcome to an extraordinary cycling weekend

May 31 to June 2, 2024
- cycling fun for the "everyman"

Straand Watt meeting - May 31 to June 2, 2024

Thinking of buying an e-bike?

Mobility, health, sustainability and costs are keywords in everyone's everyday life and reality, and are increasingly preoccupying us. Reality hits us and affects our individual scope for action, and in some contexts they will limit our ability to maintain our freedom or make arrangements for ourselves. We humans like freedom, we like to control our own everyday life, when we want and where we want. In just a few short years, the e-bike has given us back our freedom and opportunities.

The e-bike has given us the opportunity to solve everyday mobility challenges, health, recreation, even the ability to discover or explore new terrain. And, it does so in an absolutely brilliant way that is comfortable, fun and even challenging. The e-bike has made it possible for the "everyman" to do things that were previously impossible to accomplish and therefore also offers a considerable amount of mastery - regardless of level or ambition.

Today, there are e-bikes for any use or application, and everyone can find an e-bike that suits them and their application. We like to divide e-bikes into the following categories:

  • Hybrid or everyday bikes
  • Cargo bikes for family or everyday use
  • Dual-sport used for everyday and off-road exercise cycling
  • Off-road which is usually for specialists or trail riders

There are boring bikes, there are cool bikes, there are heavy bikes, there are light bikes, there are slow bikes and there are fast bikes. There are also bikes that are bad and there are bikes that are very good. There are cheap bikes and there are expensive bikes.

The problem of the "everyman" is often linked to the challenge of finding your way in a jungle of choices and options. The challenge is often linked to our own ability to understand what we actually want and need, in order to make the right choice that then provides maximum cycling pleasure.

We intend to do something about this and we will make it easier for "everyone" to choose the right bike to create greater cycling pleasure - THAT IS OUR GOAL.

About the event

The Watt meeting is designed to help you learn, try and understand which bike or type of bike you actually need. This is about finding your way in a jungle of information, brands, information and applications.

This weekend we will gather as much expertise, bike types and brands as we can, so that you can get a better insight into what the market offers and, not least, what is right for you. Sports shops, chains and importers will be exhibiting and making their models available this weekend, so you can learn and try them in an environment that is relevant to your use.

We have created a network of cycling routes around Straand hotel that are adapted to the everyday cyclist, the commuter, the exerciser, the trail cyclist and, not least, the extreme specialist who really seeks challenges. In this environment, you can test ride the bikes according to your own preferences and goals.

During this event, we will show you the way to your right environment and let you try, experience and feel which bike type or model is right for you. We will familiarize you with the areas of use, capacities and limitations, so that you have the best possible basis for deciding which type or brand to choose for yourself.

With "Watt treffet", we want to help you find your right bike, through the opportunity to see, try, understand and learn what meets your needs and your own ambitions. With us, you will have the opportunity to try bikes that suit your wishes, needs and, not least, your ambitions.

Practical information:

You can choose whether you want to stay at the hotel or at the Vrådal holiday apartments located 600 meters west of the hotel and exhibition area in beautiful Vrådal. The holiday apartments are 100 meters from the shop and have their own cooking facilities.

What brands will you find at Straand this weekend?


  • Hybrid bikes
  • Dual sport/motivational bikes
  • Off-road/trail bikes
  • Cargo bikes/family bikes

Tags (subject to change):

  • Yamaha
  • Scott
  • Husqvarna
  • GasGas
  • Trek
  • Hard Rox
  • White

Who is in the target group and who is coming to us this weekend?

We cater primarily to the "everyman", the ordinary man or woman who wants to learn, enjoy, explore and find joy in cycling. You are curious about cycling and are confident enough to find a bike that suits your use or ambitions.

You need a bike, whether for everyday use, shopping, transporting children, family or for exercise. You're probably a person who doesn't know everything, but you're willing to learn and maybe even get into a cycling community that offers social connection and enjoyment.

Or maybe you're actually a specialist and a bit extreme, we have room for you too.

Accommodation options

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  • Arrival and check-in. Walking tour of the bicycle exhibition in the exhibition area.


  • Driver meeting about safety, routes and bike types. Test ride for the rest of the day



Test drive and trade fair offers. Departure

Subject to changes in the program